Pre-Recorded Webinars


We’ll describe a time tested approach for EXAMINING PERFORMANCE of any sales organization through a SALES OPERATION AUDIT.
Sales Operations Audit is designed to identify those areas within a company’s sales function that have the best potential for creating significant upside.

Sales Coaching Techniques to Increase Revenue placy

Many sales leaders are looking for practical tips to enhance the productivity of their sales force and achieve their sales goals.  Top performing sales teams will look for ways to improve and not just maintain.  This webinar will provide practical suggestions that can be applied immediately.  Topics include: 

  • Five Keys to the Coaching Success of Your Sales Managers
  • Growing Your Business in the Face of Increased Competition and Tough Times
  • Ten Important Sales Coaching Tips

Increase Sales Productivity play

Has your sales training budget been cut but you still need to increase sales revenue in the face of stiff competition?

In this FREE webinar, learn from Len & Jack:

  • How their Customer-Focused Sales Approach gets results
  • How virtual training can especially benefit sales people
  • What NOT to do - lessons learned
  • How to blend self-paced elearningwith live virtual training
  • Tips for follow-up sessions
  • Best practice case studies
  • Resources available you can use now

How to Create a Results Driven play

Do you face any of these challenges?

  • Your sales people say the reasons they lose business include price, product disadvantages, program shortcomings, competitive relationships, the economy?
  • Your sales managers could be more effective coaching their salespeople to succeed?
  • Your strategic account planning process is not working to get the results you want?

Today's economy presents unique challenges to your sales force who is on the front line, constantly dealing with skeptical or disinterested buyers who are frequently trying to beat them down on price.