WP End a Selling Slump

Every sales person experiences sales slumps now and then.

The main thing to remember is that everyone does experience these and that you want to minimize them when they do occur, and get out of them fast. The longer you are in a sales slump the more your confidence level lowers and you get stuck.

Here are eight tips to help get out of a selling slump:

WP Coaching Checklist

The best sales leaders are able to get more out of their sales team than their sales people thought possible. By being aware of what inspires and pushes their sales reps to perform, a good sales manager is able to develop effective coaching methods.

They understand how to uncover performance potential and then get good sales results.

Here is a checklist for sales coaching that sales managers should follow:

Behavioral Styles


Learn how to improve your sales effectiveness when interacting with each of the four styles.

To be most effective when interacting with others, we need to be aware of their behavioral style, and have strategies for adapting our behavioral style to their needs in a specific sales situation. You need to be flexible and adaptable.

Interacting with different customers in the style they prefer instead of the style you prefer
is the secret to your success.

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Initial Benefit statements work well as long as you fit them to the prospect's particular requirements or desires. In the event you don't spend some time to gather that information first, you'll be missing the mark.

You should write a list of benefit statements for the major benefits your service or product offers.  Then you can draw from this list when customizing your initial benefit statements. This way you will be better positioned to create interest with the prospect.

Focus on the Customer

In today's highly technical and quick paced world of sales, one piece of advice is very true - listen to the customer.  Unfortunately, selling complex technical products or solutions (or anything else), causes most salespeople to focus on product features rather than on their benefits to the customer. Learn how to create a "Customer Focused" solution that addresses your prospect's issues.

Handling Objections

One of the best ways to handle objections is to follow the customer-focused selling approach.  When you do, you learn the issues, needs, goals, priorities, and personal win for your prospects.  That's a great way to build a foundation of credibility and trust.  This alone results in fewer objections.  Topics include:

          Customer Focused Selling Wards off Objections
          Answer Simple Questions Directly
          Open the Prospect's Mind
          Six Steps to Overcoming Objections

Creating Interestt

Many sales leaders are looking for practical tips to enhance the productivity of their sales force and achieve their sales goals.  This whitepaper will provide practical suggestions that can be applied immediately.  Topics include: 

  • Making Prospecting a Daily Habit
  • Seven-Point Prospecting System
  • Three best initial benefit statements to create interest

Six Steps

Good managers who know how to coach their people make excellent leaders.  Find out 6 steps to coach your way to success:

  1. Establish your Credibility
  2. Set and Communicate Goals and Expectations
  3. Plan for Success
  4. Give Feedback on Performance and Facilitate Work
  5. Lead by Example
  6. Motivate, Build Morale, and Attend to Interpersonal Relations

The Sales Professional

Smart organizations invest in developing their salespeople's skills to gain and then keep the "competitive edge." This whitepaper will provide suggestions on how to make your sales professionals make the difference in sales.

Gain Commitment

Closing a sale usually requires the salesperson to make many “little closes” along the way.  We call these “commitments to action.”  They serve as a strong indication that the prospect is interested in your solution.  This whitepaper will give you techniques you can use to successfully get the sale.